I don't know about vitamins.... Wait, actually I do!

Vitamins! Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins!

We all know that for the better life we must take supplements and surround ourselves with lots, and lots of information about these magic pills. Some of them supposed to be taken with food, some before, some after, proper diet.... ugh! Such a hard job!

Seemed to be, but not anymore.

First of all — stop thinking about it as about "must thing to do"!

Let me tell you a few words about myself... I grew up without supplements, I didn't drink a lot of water, I didn't eat well, I was a weak kid. Every morning I was waking up and thinking: "Gosh... another day...". I'm sure you think the same way some times... Do not worry, we will fix it.

One day I was sitting on the side of my bed and asking myself: "how you can improve our life?". I was asking myself from the victim perspective! And that was exactly right! Because I got an answer! The answer is — listen to your body.

You've got to listen to it! Ask your body: "are you OK? Is something wrong? How do you feel?". And the best thing about this method is you will get the answer immediately! Your body will tell you! If your heart or lungs or kidneys aren't ok — they will tell you right after you ask!

Second of all — start with serotonin!

The wrong strategy is to run to the closest CVS and spend $100 on supplements and start taking everything together the next morning. Do NOT do that. Start small, develop a habit and only after take another supplement.

Start with serotonin! It will lift your mood, it will make you smile more, it will make you enjoy your life. Every morning you will open your eyes and be ready for the day. Not immediately! Be passion and take it for 1-2 weeks to feel the result (I know, it's a long time, but it's worth it!). The recipe is simple — take one pill daily. No matter if it's morning or evening. Just set up yourself, and start taking one pill/day. Easy, right?

Third of all — we are ready to go!

After a couple of weeks, ask your body the same question again "how do you feel?". And if you would feel anything, here is the basic list:

Heart — vitamin E

Skin — fish oil, B group, D, C

Liver — C, E, alpha lipoic acid

Nails — calcium

Blood — K

Eyes — B group

And take them among with serotonin! Now you developed a habit, have a better mood and later on you will prevent the possibility to get a disease!

Easy, right?

If you want to take a few supplements together, there is might be some vitamins witch not supposed to be taken together, but we will talk about it next time!

It is enough info for you to start!

So let's do it!

Let me know in the comments how everything goes! I would gladly read your experience! Thank you and good luck!

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