I don't know about vitamins.... Wait, actually I do! (Advanced)

As we all know vitamins are really important if you want to experience a better quality of life! If you just want to start taking supplements and do not know where to start, I would highly suggest you read my previous post about vitamins here.

If you already did, so good! Let's talk more about vitamins!

As I mentioned before, vitamins can help each other to absorb in your body in a better way, as well as neutralize each other. And this is really important to know which we shall take together, and which not. It's going to be a longer post, but it worth it to read! And we dive in:

Matching vitamins:

Vitamin A — best friend to vitamin E. Only one exception — you can NOT take a lot of vitamin E. Excess vitamin E might prevent A to be digested.

B2+B6 — friends forever, take them together, as well as B2 goes along with Vitamin K.

Vitamins B12 and B5 are good to be taken together either.

Now it's getting more interesting — Vitamin P amplifies assimilation of Vitamin C, which perfectly matches with vitamin E, B9, and PP vitamin.

Easy, right?

Let's continue with unmatched vitamins:

Vitamins A and D will hinder each other. So don't take them together.

Vitamin B2 oxidize Vitamin B1 and the huge enemy to Vitamin C. So, separated forever!

B1 is the bad guy, he might cause an allergic reaction! Moreover, it could get even worse if you take B12 during the reaction. So please be careful!

B12 dislikes C, E, and PP, as well as Vitamin D would not be absorbed by your body if you take it along with Vitamin E.

Seems to be it! Next time we will talk about minerals and just a little bit more about vitamins!

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I'll see you here next time! Thank you!

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