It all began in 2009.  I was young and dreamt of my purpose in life. When I was in high school big ideas were boiling in my head. I didn't know which path to choose as I was interested in a number of things.

One sunny morning my mother gave me a magazine about professional chefs from different countries.  She said: "Our family has many cooks — my grandmother was one and I cook a lot, too.  Read it, maybe this is something you would be interested in".

I read breathtaking stories about how they started, about their competitions and efforts to perfect their art; how they grew up and became outstanding chefs.  I was very much impressed by them, fully committed men and women experts of the highest possible level.
This moment was the turning point of my life when I decided to become one of them.

Every chef must have a good set of well-sharped knives.
They show people how chef knows the basics. Cook can do nothing if his knives are blunt, no matter how high his skills are.
The set itself even more dangerous when it's dull.

I didn't have any sharpening skills when I started, but I was so interested
in this. My father supported me in this craft, he truly knows how sharpened knife should cut like.

He explained to me the basic theory, introduced me into this wide field.

I was truly exited.

My first knife sharpening kit was so cheap — it was a simple penknife and a small square sharpening stone. I got it from my father.
"You shall master small bits, before move any further", - he said.

I was happy. It was a big day for me and a great step towards my dream.

It was a long time ago...

In the present, I'm a chef in the kitchen with 7 years of experience (2018). I graduated from culinary college as one of the best students, having first places in competitions,
A+ kitchen practice results.

Later on, I got a chance to get a Michelin star with an incredible crew in Massachusetts. I had the honor to work in Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Cuisines for my kitchen life.
I worked as a Sous Chef, Expo, Line-cook, Prep-cook, Butcher, Roundsman, Sauté cook.

And all this time I have been regularly sharpening my knives thousands of times, attempting this art day after day. And now I'm ready to do it for you.

I'm Mr. Sharp.

This is my story.

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277 Main St., Suite 101A, Marlborough, MA 01752

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